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The hotel sector is heading in the wrong direction. These days, it seems like everyone is only concerned about getting by quickly. But what about you, the ones they should genuinely be concerned about? Rk Destinations was founded with the intention of providing a consistent and dependable experience that delivers on your top priorities: a fantastic room in the ideal location at a shockingly low price. With the help of our expanding network of devoted Rk Destinations, we are extremely proud to have grown throughout India over the years with each new hotel opening. Visit one of our award-winning hotels right now.


Our values make us loved


Given that trust constitutes the cornerstone of any prosperous relationship, we are unwavering in our commitment to transparency and candor.


In the midst of the fast-paced demands of contemporary life, the value of seamless experiences is undeniable, and your accommodation should epitomize this standard of excellence.


Regard us as your confidant in an unfamiliar city—we stand ready to assist you at all times.


In an industry characterized by prevalent hidden fees, we consciously adopt an opposing approach.


We endeavor to maximize the value inherent in your stay, recognizing the aversion to unnecessary expenditures shared by our clientele.


The continuity of an exceptional experience with each stay adds to the enjoyment, ensuring that each visit is consistently remarkable.

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What makes us Rk Destinations?

With so much to tell & so little time, here are a few key highlights.

Automated Hygiene Management

We meticulously design our hotels with a focus on streamlined cleaning processes, likely contributing to the consistent recognition from guests who consistently label us as India's cleanest hotel chain.

Advanced Sleep Technology

The exceptional comfort afforded by our specially designed CloudBeds™ may tempt you to indulge in the luxury of pressing the snooze button on your alarm clock more frequently than anticipated.

Technology with Empathy

We stand ready at every turn to assist you in maximizing your stay at The Hestia Hotels, akin to the support provided by a trusted best friend.

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